MegAnion is a high-quality, economical anion solution to meet the dietary requirements of dry transitioning dairy cows. Feeding supplemental anions to reduce Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) for prepartum dairy cows is a well-established practice for reducing the incidence of milk fever and improving transition cow performance. Collaborating with nutritionists, research scientists and consultants in the dairy industry, MegAnion was developed with a unique process of combining the most potent anion salts. MegAnion contains the highest concentration of chloride available with 22.5% chloride delivering the lowest DCAD offered in a palatable and stable organic complex.


  • Specifically formulated with processed flavor enhancers for toasty granules with a touch of sweet cool taste, MegAnion offers good palatability and is readily consumed
  • Contains optimal levels of sulfur to help lower DCAD
  • Complimentary organic protein and non-protein nitrogen
  • Contains a contribution of available magnesium
  • Unique production process creates consistent distribution of nutrients and flavor enhancers in every particle
  • Low inclusion level creates high economical advantage

Meganion: A Unique Manufacturing Process

MegAnion is composed of uniform small prills for greater ease of handling and storage. It is manufactured using a unique homogeneous chemical and nutrient blending process which solubilizes the anion salts with organic protein complexes, allowing for precise and consistent nutrient levels across all particles. MegAnion is a safe and stable organic complex which can be fed in the mixed rations or as a top-dressing.


Chlorides and hydrochloric acid are much better acidifiers (as measured by urinary pH) than are sulfates or sulfuric acid¹. Chloride has proved to be 1.6 times as potent as sulfate for acidification of cow’s blood and urine². The equation (Na + K) – (Cl + 0.6 S) has been proposed which discounts sulfur by 60%¹. MegAnion, a high chloride supplement requires less inclusion to reduce urine pH and induce metabolic acidosis resulting in higher blood calcium at calving required for healthy prepartum dairy cows. Supplements with less acidic anion sources and higher DCAD require more feed inclusion and can cause the ration to become unpalatable, hard to handle and more expensive.


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